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Illustration - Set Design - Graphic Design - Ceramics - Embroidery - Textile Design - Zine Making - Event Work




All My plants Are Dead is a store (online), making and selling craft and illustrative products with meaning. The work revolves around positivity, support, learning and honesty.

The first collection of products is called GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS, and will be ongoing, even as over time more collections of work will be added. If you are in need of illustrative or craft outcomes to help you promote a supportive and feminist idea, please get in touch to commission or collaborate. 

All the work produced also tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Good design takes into consideration the end result of that product - how can it be recycled or re-used - what ultimately is it’s damage to the earth? If you feel that we could be more earth conscious with our work or packaging, please get in touch! We are open to learning and new ways of doing things.


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Meet the Staff

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Sophie Rawlingson

Founder / Art Director / Illustrator / Social Media... etc

Where to find: indoors #palecrewwhatuppp

Likes: Dogs, people who recycle, vegetables, a crisp white wine

Dislikes: THE SUMMER, cats, when it’s not happy hour

Environmentally and socially focused

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Contact: allmyplantsaredead@outlook.com

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