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All My Plants Are Dead is a brand that is all about environmentalism. We currently exist online as a shop (that does pop-ups and sells in person at art fairs). While we started selling craft based products and illustrations, we are launching a range of products for the home in 2020!

The items are designed by Illustrator Sophie Rawlingson, who also owns the brand. The overall aim is to use materials that are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or earth-made. All packaging materials used in postage are also 100% recyclable or biodegradable. This doesn’t mean however that the life cycle of these products need to be short, with lots of items being able to be used again and again, or will last a lifetime.

Why? Because there should be more environmentally friendly options available to consumers in the first place. So often we are given the choice between affordable / eco-friendly / vegan / or high quality, and find ourselves having to decide between them.

All My Plants Are Dead currently sells products within three ongoing collections. GIRLS SUPPORTS GIRLS features womxn or people with feminine attributes ignoring the male-gaze and demonstrating the everyday way we live our lives. ISLAND DREAMING is very narrative, with drawings of anthropomorphised animals and the land they live on. Lastly, STARZ IN YOUR EYES is all about the cosmos and the ‘out-there’ - the distant stars and planets.

Whether we are selling prints or party decorations, to lamps and tapestries, the products all have one thing in common - they encourage you to imagine a world of magic and mystery, with the added benefit of being guilt-free in a world suffering from climate change.

You can hire the creatives at All My Plants Are Dead to create or commission products, to design packaging solutions, or to create set design for commercial spaces. Is there something you have in mind we haven’t listed? - we’d still love to hear what you’re thinking about!

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