About the Starz in Your Eyes Collection

Written by Sophie Rawlingson
November, 2018

I have always been fascinated with space and what it means to live on a floating blue dot in a vast nothingness. Isn’t it crazy? I think about it often. I find it very comforting that when I am going through something stressful or sad, or even happy, that my life means nothing - I am an organism that is alive purely by chance, and I am just wandering around this blue dot - living my life - doing the same sorts of things day in day out.

When I feel stressed, I zoom out of my location on Earth until I am looking at myself from space, (inspired by ‘Powers of Ten’, I’m sure).
How cool and interesting and also dull and nothing it is to look at yourself from afar and see that you are here for a blip in time, and then you’ll be gone.

This doesn’t mean I believe that because we are here for a short time that what you do on Earth doesn’t have to equate to anything, but I feel assured and safe in the idea that on the whole scale of things, I am living an invisible life, unseen by 99.9999999% of the population and inhabitants of this planet. Anyone else?
This collection of products and prints is dedicated to my love of space and the solar system and all things out there - all the things that can be hard to comprehend. When buying anything from this collection, try to have Professor Brian Cox’s voice from the TV series ‘Wonders of the Universe’, in the back of your head...

Meteor Dude
A4 Print

Star Power
A4 Print

As with everything I do, you’ll see a lot of anthropomorphism happening - giving non-human things, human characteristics. What kind of personality does a meteor have? Find out here. This collection will cover everything from magic, to space and the things we find in telescopes, to constellations and folklore and things like horoscopes. I will be inventing new zodiac signs and thinking about tardigrades.

There are so many amazing things that this collection can cover, and I am so excited to start sharing products from this collection with you! In terms of bodies of work, All My Plants Are Dead always set out to have at least three collections. We now finally have them!
GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS shows femme or female bodies living their lives - ignoring or not succumbing to the male gaze. ISLAND DREAMING shows humans living harmoniously with animals and nature - lots of environmental and eco-warrior work for this. And lastly, STARZ IN YOUR EYES will depict my last and final passion in life - aliens and space and the VAST NOTHINGNESS.

Get in the mindset for this collection by visiting your local planetarium and learn about how to spot Jupiter with your naked eye. Watch videos on tardigrades or other theories on how life on earth came to be...


Brighton Illustration Fair 2018

Written by Sophie Rawlingson
November, 2018

I was very happy to be selling new prints and products at Brighton’s Illustration Fair, this November 2018!
I sat alongside my sister - Ellie - who was selling Issue 2 of The PEACH Diaries - a zine discussing the role of negative mental and physical health when using various contraceptives.
Together, we sold our new works, alongside so many other artists. Both the range of work and the quality on show from our peers was amazing! We had so much fun meeting new people - artists and customers alike. These fairs are so important for independent and small artists because they get your work seen by a different crowd of people.
I sat next to the super lovely illustrator abs bailey - @barbawk on Instagram - go follow fo cute narratives and comics! Thanks to everyone that bought some things from my stall ︎was so fun!


About the Island Dreaming Collection

Written by Sophie Rawlingson
July, 2018

It was this collection of items that inspired me to start a shop that lived it’s life based on the ways I myself wish to live. Vegan / environmentally friendly / using sustainable materials / being ethically conscious with suppliers.
I wanted the shop to have a brand name - rather than using my own name - so that it takes the pressure off of myself to live a perfect life. While I try to live by those rules, it is hard. I wanted to make it everything an imperfect human living in a polluted city could not always achieve...

Before I even had the name ‘All My Plants Are Dead’, I had the idea of making a toucan pin. It was a product that is so small and so easy to make. To me, making a first item was concrete evidence I was serious about starting my own shop.

Brand names I came up with were all centered around the idea of land / people / animals / magic. ‘The Land & Me’ being the one I trialed for a while.
I wanted the name to conjure images of people and animals living harmoniously together on some tiny island, unknown or seen by the rest of the world - living together, but also with a little magic.

After a family holiday in 2017, ‘All My Plants Are Dead’ appeared in my mind, and I was set! The toucan drawing throughout this time had already been drawn in a sketchbook, and I was looking forward to making him once I got home from my holiday.
Then, in my final year of university, I set up a website with my first (and only) product. I came up with a business proposal and branding outcomes that became my Final Year Project.

The model in the photoshoot for the pin is my friend Leticia - it was nice having someone see the product from start to finish, and she really routed for me when the shop first started. <3

Fast forward a year to 2018, the collection of items for ISLAND DREAMING have taken a back burner. I still have the original products planned out that will be made at some point, but it was the GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS Collection that helped me gain interest in the very beginning.

The PEACH Diaries - a zine I make in collaboration with my sister, Elinor Christie, made positive waves after the release of Issue 01. Projects and collaborations came about afterwards that led me to make highly personal and feminist outcomes. It was amazing being able to talk about personal issues very publically, and for them to be recieved well, but also be relatable to many other people. 
These events inspired me to make prints for the new collection GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS.

So, if you’re reading this wondering when in hell are the next products for the ISLAND DREAMING Collection coming - STAY TUNED. I have not forgotten about my original plans / products - they are definitely on their way.

This shop / project is entirely self-funded and currently managed entrirely by myself. I have big plans for the two collections you see online rn, but also for a host of other collections and collaborations. If you can, appreciate the passion that goes into wanting to make something so badly, you are willing to wait months / years of saving and planning before they come to fruition...

It’s going to be wild.

ORIGINS - Blog Post #1

How ‘All My Plants Are Dead’ Came About

Written by Sophie Rawlingson
July 2017

I studied Graphic & Media Design at the London College of Communication (UAL) with the intention of working as a Graphic Designer post-graduation in 2017. (This was my dream and end goal ever since I was 15). But during my education, I started doing freelance illustrations for people - literally falling into freelance work as if by accident. All My Plants Are Dead came about as a concept because I wanted to keep these two design practices separate.
I saw my Graphic Design work as proactively working towards having a sustainable and possible career that I could actually make money in, while my illustrations were purely for fun. I wasn’t trained in drawing and the techniques, so how could I take that side of my creativity seriously?

But as I wanted to keep doing both, I had separate websites and portfolios for each, as well as doing them under different names.
In one of my interviews for The PLANT Club (a separate blog I had at the time, though now is aligned with AMPAD), I spoke with Illustrator Cécile Gariepy who also talks about changes in practice - she fell into illustration while studying her Masters in another subject too. I think it surprised us both equally, and in some ways is a great way of finding your practice.


Some of my earliest commissions: Left - a poster for Koumis & Kettle. Above - designing and illustrating issue 02 of GIRLS CLUB Zine.

As the second and third year of my degree came around, I was doing more illustrations for people than I was doing graphic design work. I was finding my style over time as small commissions came along. For my final year degree show, I decided to brand the illustrative side of me - I still saw it as myself, but just under another name.
I wanted to make a mailer pack of items that I could post to potential clients, labelling myself / AMPAD as a ‘Freelance Illustrator’.

It wasn’t until my passion project - The PEACH Diaries, a zine I make alongside my sister Elinor Christie - took off that that other people started to define my practice during interviews.

In our online interview with DAZED Digital, I was called a Graphic Designer - I felt as if I had been mislabelled because by then I had started seeing myself as a multi-disciplinary artist, rather than someone who was specific to one practice alone. It made me realise how much I valued learning illustration as an art form and how much I wanted to delve deeper into that world.

Final Year Show piece: A mailer pack to send to potential clients, branding myself as an illustrator.

A year on, and All My Plants Are Dead has evolved into an online shop. Although AMPAD is being described as a shop at the moment, I can definitely see it evolving as I do over time, into something else... perhaps.
I think that the focus at the moment is on making environmentally focused products that you won’t feel guilty buying. I have so much planned already for the first three collections/themes of products, as well as outside collaborations and other commercial projects.
It’s definitely hard to put my vision for AMPAD out in the open, partly because I think it can be hard to define, but also because so much can change in those years to come and wouldn't want to jinx it! I am excited to see where it will go...


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E-mail me at 
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