Exhibition Print


420 X 594 mm

Why is it assumed that I must alter my mind & body, my physical & mental state, just for easier sex?

C*NT - Exhibition Print

This is the poster I made for the CUNT Exhibition, October 2017! The text on the piece asks viewers to question their own use of female contraceptives in the aim of having ‘easier sex’. Read more about the exhibition here.

If a method of contraception does not work for you, try another! You know your body, and so you’ll know what works for you or not.

Profit from this print goes to funding the cost of printing Issue 02 of The PEACH Diaries. If you would like your contraceptive story to feature in Issue 02, e-mail us at - hello@thepeachdiaries.co.uk

A2. Posted in a cardboard tube! Ships worldwide.

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