October, 2017

I was asked to participate in a colaborative art exhibition featuring women and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) creatives. The theme of the exhibition was chosen because the word initially brings negative connotations - why is this? When the word originally was used to describe a female goddess, it now means something most people cringe at when heard aloud.

The exhibition, held at KK Outlet gallery in Hoxton, curated by The Laundry Arts founder Georgina, and in connection with depop and Babyface, invites aritsts and viewers to question the word and it’s associated themes.

The exhibition sat along side a three part podcast series calles CUNT QUALMS, and also a zine making workshop.


P.s - A big thank you to everyone who came to the zine workshop! The Laundry Arts put their faith in us to bring a crowd of eager guests to make some collaborative zines exploring self love, writing ourselves in the modern day, and an ode to yourself - I think it went well!

The piece Sophie created for ‘Cunt’ see’s her revisit thoughts around the experience of taking contraception, more explicitly noting it’s affect on the mental and physical health of some women including herself and her friends.  

“To me a cunt is a magical and cosmic entity. The power that belongs to the cunt, is something that should be reasserted into the word itself. When I think of the word, I imagine the original cunt - the original mother that gave birth to the universe. Her daughter - Mother Earth, and her daughters - us. When I feel like I am being devalued, or my womanhood is being disrespected, I hone in visions of the magical space bitch in the sky and feel powerful. In the poster, I am using this idea of a powerful cosmic woman as a symbol of inner power. When I feel powerless and small against an industry that is predominantly male orientated and impersonal, I use her to give me the confidence to speak openly about issues I have faced & will continue to face as I continue to take female contraceptives. Nothing will change, unless we demand better.”

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