Custom magazine covers gives you the chance to have your selfie illustrated and placed into one of four magazine cover options!

Once you’ve purchased a custom cover, drop us an e-mail with a little bit about you, the name of the cover you’d like, as well as a crackin’ selfie. (You can send us more than one image if you’re not sure which one could work best). 

If you would like more than one person illustrated into the cover, or for the final print to be bigger than A4, please e-mail us to discuss! It will cost you more money, and you can pay for this via Paypal upon talking to us.

Note! We choose the colours. The print comes flat and without a frame. We may post your cover on our social sites - let us know if you don’t want us to post yours.

See above for previous examples. See below for more about the cover options and their themes.

The Honey Template:

You could order this for yourself or a friend, when you think they / you are hot as hell! It’s always nice to be reminded that you are a bold / confident and firece AF individual. The ultimate sass magazine cover template!

The Babes Template:

This one is really something to give someone else - your BFF. It should be a symbol of your powerful friendship! You can put it on your bedroom wall and wake up every morning, like, wow! - I have some amazing supportive friends and together we are unstoppable!

The Yass Bitch Template:

This is for yourself or others - it’s a reminder that says - you are doing so well! You are working hard and it’s paying off! Congrats on being a boss bitch in life and in the workplace!!

The Ladies Template:

Note! Gender variations are available, including neutral. Just let me know in your e-mail.

This one is all about self-love. Need a day to just sit back and relax? Do it. Want to have a long bath and read a book? You deserve it. Sometimes we are moving at such a fast pace, we can forget to look after ourselves. This cover is filled with notes of self-love and acceptance.

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