Custom Magazine Covers

A4 Print
250gsm recycled paper

See below for prices. Available in packs or individually.


There are four magazine templates to choose from, each with it’s own theme. By sending us a (high quality) selfie or image of yourself or loved one, we will illustrate it into the ‘magazine cover’ of your choosing! We wanted to re-imagine what being on the cover of a magazine cover could do, surrounding your portrait with positivity and love. You can request your own phrases or words to be written around the portrait, ‘never give up, Jenny!’, or we can use the many phrases we already have. The same goes for objects and small drawings.

See below for more information.


Posted flat in environmenally friendly packaging. Please recycle the packaging after use.


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allmyplantsaredead@outlook.com for info on comissions, projects and more.

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