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Custom Magazine Covers

A4 Print
350gsm paper.

Now currently £10 each! Order below.


Get your own selfie, (or one for a friend), illustrated into a wonky-but-loveable portrait! By e-mailing me a photo, I will draw you into a template of your choice. The templates represent bold personalities, such as ‘Honey’ and ‘Yass Bitch’, while the phrases around the portrait and title reiterate reasons to love yourself.

See below for more on the templates, how your selfie could be illustrated, and tips on images to send!


Posted flat in environmenally friendly packaging. Please recycle the packaging after use.

FREE postage + TWO FREE stickers from now until December 25th, midnight!

The Templates


This one is when you or your friend are 🔥. They / you are the hot bitch of the group - and everybody knows it! Words on this cover encourage being comfortable in your skin - knowing that while you are an intelligent and kind individual, you also are proud of being or feeling sexy and confident - whatever that means to you personally.


This cover is really for your BFF (unless you are your own BFF!). It says - thanks so much for being my friend, and here are some things I love about you! Often these covers are ordered for birthdays, and custom words requested to add-on include names and ages. If there are heart-felt things you want to say to your BFF, here’s your chance!

Yass Bitch:

This cover is inspired by one of my friends who is KILLING IT in the work place, and is also pretty much winning at life - YESSSSSS. When someone you know get’s a new job or life upgrade, you can celebrate that for them with this magazine cover choice! It says - I see you, don’t stop what you’re doing! 💰💰


Gender neutral / alternative title options available! Just let me know upon ordering.

This cover is great when you want to give yourself some SELF-LOVE. I made one for myself with my favourite selfie, I’ve written words of encouragement on there similar to the example seen. It makes me feel cute but strong in the mornings when I see it on my wall!

By the way:


- You must purchase your cover before sending me an e-mail with your image.

- The timeframe is a MINIMUM of two full weeks before you need the print by to allow for confirmation of drawing and postage! I’d advise longer if you are outside the UK.

- If you want more than one person on the cover, or for the print to be larger than A4, DO NOT PURCHASE a custom magazine cover, but first drop me an e-mail to discuss pricing! 

- The print comes without a frame.

- As will all my work, the print will use a specific colour palette - you can let me know colours you prefer or dislike and I will accomodate.
1. Purchase the cover you’d like!

2. Send me an e-mail with the subject line reading ‘Custom Magazine Cover’ and a bit about who the print is for.

- allmyplantsaredead@outlook.com - 

3. Reiterate the exact cover you’d like, and any other ‘theme’ you’d like the print to have - perhaps your friend has started a new job and you’d like lots of words of encouragement!

4. Let me know if there are any colours in the palette I use that you’d prefer it not to have, or any specific words like names you’d like to have on there.

5. Attach a CLEAR, CLOSE & COLOUR image of the person being drawn. You can send me more than one image if you’re not sure which could work best!

* I will Insta stalk you if you send me a BAD IMAGE. 


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