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Georgina Murray. 

I realllly enjoyed illustrating throughout, and designing editorally, Issue 02 of GIRLS CLUB Zine. I got free range with drawings and could evaulate the zines’ content thoroughly before adding drawings! 

The editorial style is minimal, smooth, bold. I love lots of space when it comes to page layout, and mixing clean lines with wonky drawings was a fun challenge. 

The launch party for issue 02 was held in Dalston, London. 

Owner / Creative Director: Georgina Murray
Sub Editor / Music Journalist: Joanie Eaton
Graphic Designer / Illustrator: Sophie Rawlingson


~* SOLD OUT *~


Select editorial shots

Launch party!

Beer, Dalston

You can find the current issues of GIRLS CLUB Zine here, and follow them on Instagram here.

SALE ITEMS: Laser Lippy, Who-Can? Toucan! pin, Introvert, Glammed Up, CUNT (both) & Hollywood

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