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Honey Magazine Cover Template:

You would order this for yourself or a friend, when you think they / you are hot as hell! It’s always nice to be reminded that you are a bold / confident and firece AF individual. The ultimate sass magazine cover template!

As all templates go, you send in a picture you want me to draw, and I will insert into the template behind the words. I am also up for adding custom words / phrases, names, dates etc on request...


Babes Magazine Cover Template:

This one is really something to give someone else - your BFF. It should be a symbol of your powerful friendship! You can put it on your bedroom wall and wake up every morning, like, wow! - I have some amazing supportive friends and together we are unstoppable!

I can add words like ur friends name / dates etc... I’d rather only illustrate one person per cover, but if you want the two of you, this can be arranged for slightly more ££ (once I’ve agreed to an image, I won’t switch so choose carefully...!)


Yass Bitch Magazine Cover Template:

This is for yourself or others - it’s a reminder that says - you are doing so well! You are working hard and it’s paying off! Congrats on being a boss bitch in life and in the workplace!!

I can add custom words in such as the name of your friends new job (if that’s what you’re getting it for), or things like the tools of their profession - are they a plumber? I can draw in a pipe lol etc


Ladies Magazine Template:

NOTE! I am up for making gender neutral / male orientated covers too - just let me know and I can switch some words out / in (including the title)!

This one is a general template for yourself or others to say - things may not be 5 star rn, but they will be soon because YOU ARE AMAZING.

This template also works for things like illness / birth / other things you go through in life where you may need to be reminded that you’re ace even if you don’t feel it mentally / physically atm.


  • Each print is £15 excluding P&P (£5 extra if you wanted two people on a cover - two is the max per cover too).

  • You send me the image you want via e-mail - I don’t start drawing until I have accepted the image as good enough to draw from (close up - pref a selfie!) and you have paid me!

  • I pick the colours; I always use the same colours in all my work.

  • I will post the print to you and it comes without a frame. 

  • Digital version / printed - price remains the same!

  • I will post to my social media sites unless you ask me not to!
  • I take comissions via my e-mail address: allmyplantaredead@outlook.com

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