About the Girls Support Girls Collection

Written by Sophie Rawlingson
July, 2017

GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS as a collection is about friendship / support / love. It’s about raising people up and sticking together.

While I long for a future where gender does not cause boundaries, and may not even be a topic of conversation, so many people aren’t even there yet. Cis women still put down other cis women, and acceptance and understanding of anything outside of individuals’ bubbles is a long way off for some. 
And so, for the people who don’t even consider themselves feminists, and do not understand the most simplist of ideas that many other people live by, I am hoping to preach feminism 101 to the community at large. Let’s start with the basics - stereotypes are harmful, support working parents, ‘sleeping around’ is not a phrase used for insult, the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ has been cancelled, and listen/support trans individuals. 

One of my favourite activists online right now is Chidera Eggerue, aka @theslumflower - definitely follow her for some daily feminism. She talks about life, history, feminism, relationships, and racism.

In my own personal projects outside of All My Plants Are Dead, I worked on highly personal and honest works that were collaborative in nature. It was and is so inspiring / uplifting to work with people that inspire you and who you look up to.

I wanted to continue this act of spreading positive messages through open and honest visual media, and started making posters and prints for AMPAD.

The bunting in particular I am so fond of because I love their message. ‘I’m All Yours’ & ‘Love Is All Around You’ are talking about love and relationships.
100% the profits of these two bunting pieces goes to an LGBT organisation - the Albert Kennedy Trust - who helps homeless youths find safe places to live and a whole lot more... thank you to my friend Kyle for showing me their work!

The other project I love from this collection is actually the first one I made - Custom Magazine Covers. I wanted to continue to celebrate loving yourself publically. Taking selfies and celebrating what is amazing about you is a superpower all on it’s own.
To the people that sent me their selfie - YOU INSPIRE ME and you are 🔥. So many people also sent me their friends’ selfie and listed all the things they wanted me to write about them on their cover. SO MUCH LOVE.

I love celebrating friendships!!

PS - Not in connection with the organisation.

Through friendships over the years, I have changed the opinions of others, as well as chaned my own countless times more. The women I am currently surrounded by think similarly to me in numerous ways, but it wasn’t and isn’t always like that.

Sometimes I write life affirmations of things I believe in and want to live my life by. The GSG collection of items are those life affirmations drawn into imagery.
They aren’t even difficult or absurd ideas, but are ones that I sometimes don’t even see being practised by people on my own Facebook feed.I will always keep an open mind to new ways of thinking.

I hope I actively change the things I realise about myself that no longer seem right or inclusive, and I forever hope that my art demonstrates positive messages openly and honestly.
Lastly - I hope that seeing a cis female being unfailingly supportive of other women / people, seeps into the brains of those that aren’t there yet...

If you are in need of visuals / installations etc. to help promote an idea you’re working on, get in touch!



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