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A4 Print
350gsm paper.


Industrustries all over can sometimes find it hard to realise that women are capable of doing the same job as a man, and just as well - and therefor should be paid the same! This one is 4 U, you hard working underpaid woman!


The look on your face when your realise you’re working in a male dominated industry and have to show people your game face to let them know u want a pay rise.

I chose to draw a female actress taking a selfie but crossing her eyes. She is fed up, she is overworked, underpaid and devalued in her line of work. She carries on regardless - she knows that in time this will change, but for now, she’s pleasing her fans with a selfie. Show ‘em who’s boss!


Posted flat in environmenally friendly packaging. Please recycle the packaging after use.

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