About the Island Dreaming Collection

Written by Sophie Rawlingson
July, 2018

It was this collection of items that inspired me to start a shop that lived it’s life based on the ways I myself wish to live. Vegan / environmentally friendly / using sustainable materials / being ethically conscious with suppliers.
I wanted the shop to have a brand name - rather than using my own name - so that it takes the pressure off of myself to live a perfect life. While I try to live by those rules, it is hard. I wanted to make it everything an imperfect human living in a polluted city could not always achieve...

Before I even had the name ‘All My Plants Are Dead’, I had the idea of making a toucan pin. It was a product that is so small and so easy to make. To me, making a first item was concrete evidence I was serious about starting my own shop.

Brand names I came up with were all centered around the idea of land / people / animals / magic. ‘The Land & Me’ being the one I trialed for a while.
I wanted the name to conjure images of people and animals living harmoniously together on some tiny island, unknown or seen by the rest of the world - living together, but also with a little magic.

After a family holiday in 2017, ‘All My Plants Are Dead’ appeared in my mind, and I was set! The toucan drawing throughout this time had already been drawn in a sketchbook, and I was looking forward to making him once I got home from my holiday.
Then, in my final year of university, I set up a website with my first (and only) product. I came up with a business proposal and branding outcomes that became my Final Year Project.

The model in the photoshoot for the pin is my friend Leticia - it was nice having someone see the product from start to finish, and she really routed for me when the shop first started. <3

Fast forward a year to 2018, the collection of items for ISLAND DREAMING have taken a back burner. I still have the original products planned out that will be made at some point, but it was the GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS Collection that helped me gain interest in the very beginning.

The PEACH Diaries - a zine I make in collaboration with my sister, Elinor Christie, made positive waves after the release of Issue 01. Projects and collaborations came about afterwards that led me to make highly personal and feminist outcomes. It was amazing being able to talk about personal issues very publically, and for them to be recieved well, but also be relatable to many other people. 
These events inspired me to make prints for the new collection GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS.

So, if you’re reading this wondering when in hell are the next products for the ISLAND DREAMING Collection coming - STAY TUNED. I have not forgotten about my original plans / products - they are definitely on their way.

This shop / project is entirely self-funded and currently managed entrirely by myself. I have big plans for the two collections you see online rn, but also for a host of other collections and collaborations. If you can, appreciate the passion that goes into wanting to make something so badly, you are willing to wait months / years of saving and planning before they come to fruition...

It’s going to be wild.


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