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Illustration - Branding - Set Design - Graphic Design - Ceramics - Embroidery - Textile Design - Zine Making - Event Work

This is a portfolio of selected works by Sophie Rawlinsgon, AKA, All My Plants Are Dead. She is currently living and working in London and is inspired by the internet, childrens books, the environment, social issues and the magic of the everyday.

She has made herself different to other illustrators, in that she predominantly designs for herself - making collections of products, rather than primarily doing commissions for clients.

Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, she is able to bring to life stories of people, plants and the wonderful world.


Nando’s, The Debrief, GURRL FUR Zine, GIRLS CLUB Zine, The PEACH Diaries, E11EVEN Magazine, Koumis & Kettle, Poppy Koumis Yoga, and RE-VISION Magazine.


London College of Communication (UAL)
Falmouth University

SALE ITEMS: Laser Lippy, Who-Can? Toucan! pin, Introvert, Glammed Up, CUNT (both) & Hollywood

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Environmentally and socially focused.
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