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Words by Sophie Rawlingson

22 November 2018

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I have always been fascinated with space and what it means to live on a floating blue dot in a vast nothingness. Isn’t it crazy? I think about that daily.

I find it very comforting, that when I am going through something stressful or sad, or even happy, that my life means nothing - I am an organism that is alive purely by chance, and I am just wandering around this blue dot - living my life - doing the same sorts of things day in day out.

When I feel stressed, I zoom out of my location on Earth until I am looking at myself from space. (Inspired by ‘Powers of Ten’, I’m sure). How cool and interesting and also dull and nothing it is to look at yourself from afar and see that you are here for a blip in time, and then you’ll be gone. 
I am by no means someone who believes that because we are here for a short time that what you do on Earth doesn’t have to equate to anything, but I feel assured and safe in the idea that on the whole scale of things, I am probably not going to do anything too crazy that you can see that craziness from space. I am low key crazy, or sane, living an invisible life, unseen by 99.9999999% of the population and inhabitants of this planet.

Anyone else?

Anyway, this collection of products and prints is dedicated to my love of space and the solar system and all things out there - the things that I can not comprehend. When buying anything from this collection, try to have Professor Brian Cox’s voice from the TV series ‘Wonders of the Universe’, in the back of your head...

Meteor Dude
A4 Print

Star Power
A4 Print

As with everything I do, you’ll see a lot of anthropomorphism happening - giving non-human things, human characteristics. What kind of personality does a meteor have? Find out here.

This collection will cover everything from magic, to space and the things we find in telescopes, to constellations and folklore and things like horoscopes. I will be inventing new zodiac signs and thinking about tardigrades. There are so many amazing things that this collection can cover, and I am so excited to start sharing products from this collection with you!
In terms of bodies of work, All My Plants Are Dead always set out to have only three collections. We now finally have them all! 
GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS shows femme or female bodies living their lives - ignoring or not succumbing to the male gaze. ISLAND DREAMING shows humans living harmoniously with animals and nature - lots of environmental and eco-warrior work for this. And lastly, STARZ IN YOUR EYES will depict my last and final passion in life - aliens and space and the VAST NOTHINGNESS.

Get in the mindset for this collection by visiting your local planetarium and learn about how to spot Jupiter with your naked eye. Watch videos on tardigrades or other theories on how life on earth came to be...


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