The Land & Me

Embroidered Tappestry
1m 30 x 1m 80



This one of a kind hand embroidered tappestry is inspired by freak-folk music and depicts humans and animals living together harmoniously.

The tappestry has been a long time coming. I originally designed this cloth to feature as a black outlined wall hanging as for a university project back in 2015.

A few years after I had drawn the characters on, I became interested in embroidery and sewing. The piece since then has slowly been developing, as my embroidery skills have gotten better.

I have my grandma and her friends to thank for giving me second-hand threads and embroidery hoops - they have enjoyed seeing the materials be passed on and used. I am excited to finish the piece so it can be exhibited and shown to those who have helped the project come to be.


You can sponsor this piece in the form of embroidery threads (Anchor), as well as backing fabric and punch needling tools.

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