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- You must purchase your cover before sending me an e-mail with your image.

- The timeframe is a MINIMUM of two full weeks before you need the print by to allow for confirmation of drawing and postage! I’d advise longer if you are outside the UK.

- If you want more than one person on the cover, or for the print to be larger than A4, DO NOT PURCHASE a custom magazine cover, but first drop me an e-mail to discuss pricing! 

- The print comes without a frame.

- As will all my work, the print will use a specific colour palette - you can let me know colours you prefer or dislike and I will accomodate.
1. Purchase the cover you’d like!

2. Send me an e-mail with the subject line reading ‘Custom Magazine Cover’ and a bit about who the print is for.

- allmyplantsaredead@outlook.com - 

3. Reiterate the exact cover you’d like, and any other ‘theme’ you’d like the print to have - perhaps your friend has started a new job and you’d like lots of words of encouragement!

4. Let me know if there are any colours in the palette I use that you’d prefer it not to have, or any specific words like names you’d like to have on there.

5. Attach a CLEAR, CLOSE & COLOUR image of the person being drawn. You can send me more than one image if you’re not sure which could work best!

* I will Insta stalk you if you send me a BAD IMAGE. 


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