Zine Workshop

RE: CUNT Exhibition

October, 2017

As part of The Laundry Arts curated, C*NT Exhibition.
The zine workshop was hosted by myself, along side Fly Trap Zine maker / feminist erotic writer - Elisa Magalhaes. 

The Photographer for the event was Jennifer O’ Connor - representing The Laundry Arts. The workshop was held at KK Outlet gallery space in East London.

Elisa, Jennifer and I wanted the workshop to allow people to ~ write themselves~ - we wanted everyone to have a manual for others to read, that would tell the reader who they were by the words they used to describe themselves with.

A large part of this workshop saw us coming up with alternative words for our genitalia - what do you call your own? What does your partner or friends call it? How do you feel about these names?


“Vagina” is a Latin word meaning “sheath,” namely, the thing one puts one’s sword in hanging from the belt when not in use.

The Big Reveal:

The last exercise in making the zine was the back page - the zine unfolded to reveal a declaration of self-love with blanks to fill in... please feel free to write your own declaration of self-explanation and send to me via any social media!

My name is _________ . I am here today to _________ & _________ . When I arrived, I used the word _________ to describe myself, now I use this:_________ .

I show myself love by  _______________________________ . The symbol or image that best represents how I see myself is a/n _________ . This is because to me, it means _________ & _________ . It makes me feel_________ !

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